You must know what an architect is, but you might not know the kinds of architects in Dubai. So, read the following to know the kinds of architects and increase your knowledge.

What is an architect?

An architect is someone who give ideas, give outlines and supervise buildings’ construction. An architect is very creative and a person with very unique and distinctive ideas and plans.

What are the kinds of architects?

Following are the kinds of architects.

  1. Architects of industry

Architects of industry are architects that have expertise in designing and forming industries or mills. The main task of architects of industry is to comprehend role of the system that they have to design.

Architects of industry usually design warehouses, storage units, factories, facilities of logistics, plants of production, plants of processing, power systems, terminals, etc.

  • Architects of residence

Architects of residence has the qualifications in designing and outlining of homes. They ask advice of client to decide the necessary useful and spatial components of the project of residence.

They scheme the designing of the buildings, outline scale representation of these designs and have a discussion with the engineers related to the project.

Architects of residence also evaluates the costs stuff, time and mechanical tools needed to finish a project of residence. 

  • Architect of lighting

Lighting is very important especially for aesthetics. Architects who has a qualification in lighting architecture knows different techniques in which the natural lights and man-made lights influences the response of humans. Their planning process comprises of the quantity of light needed and its dispersal, the variations of color and the intensity needed to make a comfortable and feasible environment.

  • Architect of interior areas

Sometimes architects choose to devote their understanding and knowledge in designing and planning the interiors of a construction.

There are many architects of interior areas that have a specialization in architectural or relevant services.

By now, you must now have a proper understanding of the kinds of architects. Whenever you need an architect, you will now know which kind of architect you have to call. Also, you must have found this article fun because you got to know about kinds of architects.

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