The trend of recruiting firms is increasing day by day as these companies work with other companies they provide suitable job candidate to employers and in return they get their commission. So you can find a lot of recruitment firms in UAE or executive search firms in Dubai. So if you are running your own company and you find it difficult to find best employees for your company so you can contact with these companies. But there are some important things that you need to consider before contacting with recruiting firms.

Know about the reputation of company:

It is necessary to know about the reputation of company before contacting with any company. Because if the company has good reputation in market then they will provide quality candidates for your company. So you may also get idea from the companies which are working with them. You can also go for market survey and you can also get information on social media. These are different ways by which you can may know about the reputation of companies. But you should never compromise on the reputation of company.

Know about the registration of company:

You should also get information that either company is original or not. And you can get this information by knowing about the registration of company because if the company is not registered then it means that they are working illegal and they may waste your money by cheating you.

Know about the services of company:

It is the most important thing to know about before doing contract with any company because you are working with other companies on the basis of their quality services. So you must make sure that they are providing quality services to their customer companies. the best way to know about the services of company is that you can talk with their customer companies because they can better guide you about which type of candidates do they provide to these companies.

Know about the commission ratio:

Usually, recruitment companies work on the basis of commission so they provide you candidate and in return you will have to pay them commission. But this commission ratio varies from company to company. So it is important to get information about the commission ratio of company and you should go for the company which is demanding less commission ratio.