Working in UAE is a dream of every second person who is looking for a career of his/her dreams or doing a good standing. This is because UAE is the world’s biggest job provider country and it has the most successful companies with hundreds of employees. Sadly, people have got scammed by different and many agents by different ways and with a lot of money who say that they know companies who recruit many people but the thing is that some people actually do know people and get them hired. But there are agents who charge a fortune for this work and which is sometimes worth it in the long run. But then again, no one can tell that which agent or company is trustable and verified and this is where our article will help you in understanding all you need to know about getting a work visa of UAE. So, make sure to read very carefully.

There are different ways of getting the visa and the first way is that the employer will have to get a quota approved from the Ministry of Labor and the employer will apply the visa on your behalf. The next step is that the employer will send an offer letter or you can say a contract which will be in English and in Arabic both languages and there will be two signatures there, first signature will be of the employer and the second signature will be of employees too.

You must know that the contract has different rules and regulations which are applied by all companies and benefits which will be given to all the employees equally and if things don’t match visit the MOL website instantly.

It will have different amendments which will be written in English and Arabic. After this the Ministry of Labor will issue an entry visa which is also called the pink paper or pink visa which enables the employee to enter the UAE legally. This paper is valid for 2 months from the issue of the date. You will also have to get your medical ID, visa stamping, visa status changed to UAE work visa, emirates id. This will be your identity card that will prove that you are a citizen.