For someone who has experienced moving out of their hometown with eb5 USA visa from Dubai into a place which is completely new and alien to them may realize how difficult it is to adjust in such place. If you are seeing some refugee or immigrant stuck in a similar situation then we believe they should be helped with eb5 visa consultants and reached out to make them feel welcome and at home in a completely alien country where they believe no one wants them. Prove them wrong with the following helpful tips:

  • Be friends with them

It is extremely important to make friends as one of the most important needs of people when they arrive in the city is to find a familiar face in the crowd which they can run to and get their problems solved. It will be a very cherishing experience for you too to learn about their different cultural backgrounds and collect thank you after helping them because that feeling of rejoice is one of a kind.

  • Help with transportation

This task becomes a lot more easier when the refugee is your neighbour. You can ask them if they need a lift and to your surprise, most of the times it could be to the same destination as yours like school or shop around the corner. If not possible daily, then we would recommend you to help them out in times of emergency such as rushing to the hospital or appointments that they could be late for.

  • Help them with language

Language barrier is one of the worse ones for anyone and it can get quite difficult to get past it. If you are fluent in the language then share your treasures with them and help them overcome this barrier. The more fluent they are in the regional language the better they will be able to cope with the life at their work, school and many other places. This helps them in being part of the society and getting accepted.

  • Volunteer

If you don’t have financial resources to help them, you can surely put in some physical efforts by agreeing to volunteer at camps and organizations where most of the refugees reside. The more helping hands on the deck the merrier it will be. Getting in touch with them could also help you relieve off some stress.