When you’re shopping for a used Volkswagen, there are several things to check, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on a Volkswagen Abu Dhabi service center. You can do a few simple tests yourself, and this can be the difference between a dependable car and one that’s not up to par. You should always check a few things: Tires should match air pressure; headlights and taillights should function. Also, turn signals and brake lights should work. Make sure the wipers are clean and that the wipers are working.

The first thing to check is the fluid level:

Many motorists are unaware that their car’s fluid levels are critical. Checking the level of oil or coolant is important since low fluid can cause the engine to overheat. Another important test is checking the brake fluid, essential for safety. It is also crucial to check the lights, especially at night. Having a dead brake or no lights can lead to a major accident.

Ensure that the oil or coolant levels are correct:

The next thing to check is the fluid levels. Ensure that the oil or coolant levels are correct, as this could indicate a leak or a potential safety issue. Likewise, if the brake fluid is low, the vehicle may not stop quickly enough, which can lead to a dangerous situation. When driving at night, it is imperative to check the lights to ensure they function correctly.

The next thing to check is the electrics:

It is imperative to regularly check the electrics in your vehicle because if they fail, you may end up with an accident. Even if you’re not in the car, you should check your lights. Your car’s license plate light should be working, and you must not drive at night without a working headlight. You should always ensure that your vehicle has adequate electrical power to function properly.

The steering is an important safety feature:

If you can’t steer your car properly, you should ask someone to take it for a spin. Ensure that the steering wheel works smoothly by turning it to all sides. This is the next step in the safety checklist. Aside from this, your car’s brakes should also be checked. If your steering is not working correctly, you should consider having it inspected by a mechanic.