Few years back kids were so much active as they used to participate in various physical activities like outdoor or indoor games. But nowadays kids have become quite lazy and less active because of their sedentary lifestyle. They just keep on spending their whole day on digital gadgets like smart phones or tablet. This is the reason that mostly kids are unable to concentrate on their studies because of their poor lifestyle. If you want to take your kids out of this harmful routine then you have to take certain smart decisions through which you can make your kids happily involved in different fun activities which are not only entertaining but a source of learning as well.

In this article we will discuss some of the most amazing DIY fun activities for kids so that you can choose any of them as according to your convenience and the availability of products at your home. But don’t worry all these activities are quite easy and will not require any excessive expense. Morning chores is quite an interesting website – if you want further ideas regarding DIY activities, then go here.

Make your own puzzle

This type of activity is quite interesting and mostly kids will love to do it as it involves attractive colors. You can help your kids in making a puzzle with a help of card board piece and scissors but if you already have a puzzle at your home then there is no need of making one. All you have to do is to take the puzzles out of the box and let your child to complete that puzzle. Once it is completed then invert the entire puzzle carefully so that the blank side comes up. Now give some crayons, paints or colors to your children and tell them to draw a particular picture. Then reassemble it and let your kid completing his own puzzle.

Minute to win it games

Kids love playing challenging games in which they feel excited, to make it even more engaging you can add certain gifts like candies to make them feel especial as well as appreciated. There are multiple ideas for minute to win it games like you can challenge your kids to stack up maximum coins within a minute. On the other hand you can also place some glasses and let your kids throw balls in it, the kid with maximum balls will win the match. All these activities are not only entertaining but they are even learning because in this way your kid will learn to bear pressure and manage time simultaneously.